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Getting Started

Before you can use our APIs, you must register your client app and be approved for OAuth access.

After you've submitted the registration form, you must email and let us know. Coil will review your request and, if approved, send you a registration access token. You must then use the access token to register your app with the Coil OIDC provider. The registration process is outlined on the POST /oauth/reg page.


  • OAuth API - Register your app with Coil and Coil's OIDC provider, get an access code for an authenticated Coil user, and request an access token for an authenticated user

  • User API - Get an authenticated Coil user's resources and generate a bilateral transfer protocol (BTP) token for a user

  • API Versioning - Explains how we version the OAuth and User APIs

  • OAuth Web Monetization - Learn about the OAuth Web Monetization (OWM) script, which lets you add Web Monetization to your site without requiring your users to install an extension.