Welcome to the Coil developer docs!

Coil uses the Web Monetization standard to facilitate streaming payments from Coil Members to web monetized sites.

Web Monetization is an open standard, meaning anyone can add it to their website. However, the current functionality only allows payments to stream when when members run the Coil Extension in a supported desktop browser, or use the mobile Puma Browser app, which includes Web Monetization support natively.

For more information about adding Web Monetization to your site, and examples of different ways to monetize your content, visit:

After you web monetize your site, you can extend support for Coil Members by using our APIs and scripts.

Coil's developer doc focuses on our OAuth API and script. The OAuth API is primarily used when a web monetized site's creator wants to offer a way for Coil Members to access content on mobile and on desktop without the Coil Extension installed.

The OAuth Web Monetization Script allows sites that integrate with Coil's OAuth API to stream payments on behalf of Coil Members. This enables payments to work on iOS, Safari, and other desktop and mobile browsers that don't support the Coil Extension.